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Warframe Fallen Necramech Spawn Locations

Warframe Fallen Necramech Spawn Locations

In Warframe, the Necramech are massive war machines and Fallen Necramech can spawn in several locations on Cambion Drift in Deimos during Fass time. These…

warframe omega isotope

Warframe Omega Isotope

Warframe Omega Isotope is a special ingredient, or resource, that you need in order to craft the Fomorian Disruptor and complete the Balor Fomorian event….

warframe deploy glyph

Warframe Deploy Glyph

The question of how to deploy a Glyph in Warframe has been giving a bit of trouble to some players. It’s a system that has…

Warframe Hound Companions

Warframe Hound Companions

The Warframe Hound Companions are a new type of unit that were recently added to the game. With the Sister of Parvos update, these robotic…

warframe rare fish on plains of eidolon

Warframe Rare Fish on Plains of Eidolon

Warframe Rare Fish on Plains of Eidolon are the main crux of the current Nightwave Challenge. Specifically, you have to get six of these fish…

warframe eximus farming

Warframe Eximus Farming

Fighting Eximus enemies is the central part of the weekly Eximus Executioner challenge in Warframe. To complete the Eximus Executioner challenge, you need to kill…

get railjack in warframe

Get Railjack in Warframe

Warframe Railjacks are a type of ship that you can get in the game. It is a relatively central part of the new Call of…

warframe carmine penta location

Warframe Carmine Penta Location

Carmine Penta is a new grenade launcher in Warframe. It has been added to the game in an update a few days ago, and it…

warframe nautilus sentinel locations

Warframe Nautilus Sentinel Locations

Nautilus Sentinel is a new type of Sentinel in Warframe that you can get in the new update. It’s a pretty good Sentinel, too; it…