Beacon – Alien: Isolation Mission 9

Ninth mission of Alien: Isolation is called "Beacon" and it is one of the most iconic missions in the game because you get to visit one of the most important locations of the first Alien movie - The Derelict. This is a flashback mission where Marrlow tells us the story of how he brought the alien on board Sevastopol.
Alien Isolation Weapon Flame Thrower

Weapons Guide

There are a lot of dangers in Alien: Isolation and getting something to fight them with is most helpful. There are six non-craftable weapons you can find in Alien: Isolation. Two of them are melee only while others are ranged.
Alien Isolation Investigate Lingards Office for Information

Outbreak – Alien Isolation: Mission Six

Outbreak – Alien Isolation: Mission Six takes more time to complete than the previous one. It has a wide range of tasks that consist of solving puzzles, avoiding all sorts of enemies and more. You receive a Stun Baton tool at the start of the mission. Mission also ends gloriously. Find a Trauma Kit Find […]
Alien Isolation Explore The Torrens Speak to Taylor

Mission One Closing The Book

This is the first Alien: Isolation mission and it helps you get familiar with game systems. You will explore the ship and hear some backstory along the way. Torrens is ship of same class as Nostromo, ship where the first Alien movie takes place, so you will get to see and explore some familiar spots.