Ground Zeroes Save Data Transfer to MGSV Phantom Pain

If you’ve played Ground Zeroes and achieved 100% completion, you can import your save file from there into Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. If you do, you’ll get a bunch of exclusive recruits and several uniforms.
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In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to import save data into The Phantom Pain, and exactly what you’ll get if you do.

How To Import Save Data To MGS5: The Phantom Pain

The process consists of two steps:
  1. Boot up Ground Zeroes and export the data (go to the main menu and choose Save Data Upload).
  2. Boot up The Phantom Pain and, while in the main menu, choose Download MGSV: GZ Save Data.
ground zeroes save data transfer to mgsv the phantom pain

Save Import Bonuses in MGSV: The Phantom Pain

When it’s done (provided you have 100% completion in Ground Zeroes), you’ll get two uniforms for Snake from the start:
  • Solid Snake
  • SV-Sneaking Suit
The first one is a recreation of Solid Snake’s outfit from the original Metal Gear Solid game, while the other is the suit Boss wears in Ground Zeroes.

Ground Zeroes Recruits

The other thing you’ll get from importing your save are recruits. All the people you took to the old Mother Base in GZ will slowly show up here as you finish certain missions and join you again. Here’s a list of all the volunteers that make a comeback, and when you’ll get them:

NameShows up when?
Ochre ChameleonComplete Mission 3, Mission 4 or Mission 5
Grizzly HedgehogComplete Mission 3, Mission 4 or Mission 5
Hungry CrocodileComplete Mission 3, Mission 4 or Mission 5
Wild HarrierComplete Mission 3, Mission 4 or Mission 5
Gray WallabyComplete Mission 6
Blue ChameleonComplete Mission 6
Midnight MastiffComplete Mission 6
EyeComplete Mission 6
FingerComplete Mission 6
Frigid MongooseComplete two: Mission 7, Mission 8, Mission 9, Mission 10
Hunting StallionComplete two: Mission 7, Mission 8, Mission 9, Mission 10
Assassin HarrierComplete two: Mission 7, Mission 8, Mission 9, Mission 10
Mad WallabyComplete two: Mission 7, Mission 8, Mission 9, Mission 10
Wild StallionComplete two: Mission 7, Mission 8, Mission 9, Mission 10
Night Tree FrogComplete Mission 12
Pirate CapybaraComplete Mission 12
Roaring CapybaraComplete Mission 12
Bitter CentipedeComplete Mission 12
Crying SturgeonComplete Mission 12
The latter recruits are going to have better stats than the ones that show up early, but the whole point of having them is the emotional attachment you might’ve developed.

How To 100% Ground Zeroes

If you still haven’t finished GZ to 100%, here’s what you need to do, so you can have a fancy save file to upload as well:
  • Get an S rank on all missions (on normal and hard difficulties).
  • Rescue all POWs (including Eye and Finger).
  • Collect all XOF patches.
  • Collect all cassette tapes.
  • Unlock all trials (you don’t have to complete them).
  • Answer all Deja Vu quiz questions correctly (on normal and hard).
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