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destiny crimson days 2017

Destiny Crimson Days Event Not Happening This Year

If you were planning to spend Valentine’s Day playing Destiny with your partner, we’ve got some bad news. Crimson Days, the popular Valentine’s Day event, won’t be happening this year. In an update to the official blog, Bungie has stated that they’re focusing on other things, and won’t be bringing rose petals to the Tower […]
gravity rush 2 final boss ending

Gravity Rush 2 Final Boss & Ending

The final boss in Gravity Rush 2 is a mutated version of Kali. After the protagonists defeat her sister, she looses control and starts morphing. She turns into an immobile abomination with a dozen appendages and several grimacing faces. She’s absorbing anything that comes into range and using it to expand. Stopping her won’t be […]
gravity rush 2 boss fights

Gravity Rush 2 Boss Fights

Boss fights in Gravity Rush 2 are battles against especially strong enemies, that take place at the end of each chapter. Each one of them has a particular style – defeating them is all about countering their tactics. You must devise a strategy for each boss individually, and every one will probably require some practice. […]
gravity rush 2 costumes

Gravity Rush 2 Costumes

Gravity Rush 2 Costumes are outfits Kat can wear to change her appearance. They have no effect on the gameplay – they only influence the way she looks. There are 16 of them total, and they’re obtained in different ways. Some have been imported from the first game, while others are brand new. In this […]
resident evil 7 walkthrough

Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the latest installment in a long-standing horror series. Unlike the last few games, it’s not going to focus so much on combat, as on puzzles and scaring you out of your mind. The puzzles can be a bit problematic at times – you won’t always be able to figure out […]
final fantasy 15 moogle chocobo carnival trailer

FFXV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Trailer

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is coming to Final Fantasy XV near the end of the month. It’s supposed to be a lot of fun, a shared celebration of the two cutest creatures in all the universe. There’s finally a trailer for the event. Short as it is, it’s still better than knowing nothing about it. […]
best upcoming nintendo switch games

Best Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo Switch is finally going to be released during 2017. The new device will try to be a mix of home console and handheld, allowing you to play both on the go, and in the comfort of your home. Of course, games are what makes or breaks a console, and Nintendo has always had great […]
gravity rush 2 live action trailer

Gravity Rush 2 Live Action Trailer Released

Gravity Rush 2, the upcoming action adventure game where you shift gravity to solve puzzles, has a new trailer. The live action video features two sisters living with their cat, who one day learns it can change the direction of gravitational pull. You can guess how things turn out. The trailer opens with one of […]
mass effect andromeda new screenshot

New ME: Andromeda Screenshot

A new screenshot from Mass Effect Andromeda has appeared online. It was shared on Twitter by one of the Bioware devs, in response to the comments film director James Gunn made about the series. It’s also an omen for things to come. Later today, we should expect some new info from the Andromeda Initiative, mostly […]
deus ex lara croft hitman go free

Deus Ex, Lara Croft & Hitman GO Free on Amazon Underground

Square Enix have released all three of their GO mobile games on Amazon Underground for free. They’re really, actually free, not just free-to-play-but-you’ll-have-to-spend-cash. The deal includes Deus Ex GO, Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO. It’s probably going to be a limited time offer, so if you’ve any interest at all, you should grab them […]
final fantasy xv ships six million units

FFXV Has Shipped More Than 6 Million Copies

Square Enix has sent word that Final Fantasy XV has shipped more than 6 million copies. That’s quite a number, and it includes digital sales, as well as copies sent to stores around the globe. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean they’ve sold six million copies. They chose not to reveal actual sales […]
eso vvardenfell

Vvardenfell Map Datamined from ESO

A map of the island of Vvardenfell was found deep within Elder Scrolls Online when one player took to datamining the game. Aside from the map, Reddit user FloorBelow also found tilesets for different architecture styles featured on the island. Does this mean Vvardenfell is coming to ESO in an expansion? We certainly hope so. […]
gwent update 0.8.37 exploit fix

Gwent Beta Update 0.8.37 Fixes Mardroeme Exploit

Another Gwent beta update has gone live today. Patch 0.8.37 fixes a bunch of issues, like server errors or a well known exploit that was being used by many to disrupt ranked play. The developers are working hard to keep the closed beta experience as balanced and fair as possible. Gwent Closed Beta 0.8.37 The […]