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destiny 2 new areas worlds trailer

Destiny 2 New Worlds & Areas Shown Off in Trailer

Bungie have released another trailer for Destiny 2. It’s all about the new worlds and areas we’ll get to explore – Titan, Nessus, Io and the European Dead Zone on Earth. If you’ve watched the livestream reveal in its entirety, you’ve already seen all of this. If not, it’s a great way to quickly get […]
golf story reveal trailer nintendo switch

Golf Story Is A Sports RPG Coming to Nintendo Switch

Sidebar Games have released the first trailer for Golf Story, their upcoming sports RPG for the Nintendo Switch. It shows off the game in action for the first time, as well as some environments and characters. Including the pompadour-sporting protagonist, his coach and what seem to be several different caddies. Golf Story coming to Nintendo […]
far cry 5 release date

Far Cry 5 Release Date Revealed in Announcement Trailer

Ubisoft have released the announcement trailer for Far Cry 5, detailing the environment and backstory of the game. We already knew it would take place in Hope County, Montana, but the video goes into a little more detail. They’ve also published three short character vignette videos, introducing some of your comrades (or perhaps playable characters?). […]
tekken 7 achievements trophies

Tekken 7 Achievements / Trophies Revealed

Tekken 7 is the latest entry in a long-running series of one-on-one fighting games. Although the core of the game is fighting other players, there’s also a story mode that delves into the lives of the characters. The list of achievements has appearead online recently. There are dozens of trophies to unlock in the game […]
titanfall 2 monarch's reign trailer

Titanfall 2 Monarch’s Reign DLC Trailer Released

Respawn Entertainment have released a trailer for the latest Titanfall 2 DLC, Monarch’s Reign, showcasing the additions we can expect. The new DLC adds a free titan, two paid ones, a new map, a new execution and several cosmetic items. It’s going to be released on May 30th across all platforms. Titanfall 2 Monarch’s Reign […]
darkest dungeon crimson court release date

Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court Coming to PC in June

Red Hook Studios have revealed the release date for The Crimson Court, the first expansion for Darkest Dungeon, their grim dungeon crawler. The PC version is going to be released on June 19th, and it’s going to be sold for $10. The Playstation version is going to come out later – the devs are hoping […]
mirage arcane warfare released

Mirage: Arcane Warfare Released, Has Launch Trailer

Mirage: Arcane Warfare has been released. It’s a multiplayer FPS that pits two teams of magical warriors against each other, and it was made by Torn Banner Studios, the team behind Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. There’s a launch trailer as well, showing off a bunch of characters and some environments. Mirage Arcane Warfare At first glance, […]
divinity original sin 2 release date

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Release Date Set for September

In their latest Kickstarted update video, Larian Studios have revealed the release date for Divinity: Original Sin 2, the sequel to their popular RPG. The game is coming on September 14th, after a lengthy bout of early access on Steam. The video also talks about the latest update for the early access version, which adds […]
overwatch anniversary video

Overwatch Birthday Celebration Starts Off With Anniversary Video

Overwatch was released a year ago now, and Blizzard want to celebrate the occasion together with their players. They’re organizing an anniversary event that will go on until June 12th, with several new maps and a bunch of fresh items to obtain. They’ve published a video detailing all the fancy aditions. Overwatch Anniversary event skins […]
cs go operation hydra event

CS: GO Operation Hydra Event Brings New Maps & Modes

Operation Hydra is a seasonal event in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It has already started, and will run for 18 weeks. It adds several new modes to the game, as well as a handful of community maps. Of course, there are also season-specific cases to gather and unlock, as well as an all-access pass you […]
eso morrowind steam early access issues

ESO Morrowind Steam Early Access is Having Issues

The early access version of ESO Morrowind is live – this means all PC players who preorder the appropiate edition can already start playing, two full weeks before their console comrades. Some of those PC players have preordered the expansion on Steam, and they’re having some trouble with it. Namely, a number of players are […]
nintendo selling empty switch box

Nintendo Is Selling Empty Switch Boxes in Japan

Today in videogameland: Nintendo is selling empty cardboard boxes on the company’s Japanese store. For the low price of about $5, you can buy a box identical to the one that holds the Switch and a copy of Splatoon 2. Except there’s nothing inside. It isn’t even “assembled”. You get to do the assembling, you […]
overwatch competitive season 4 end date announced

Overwatch Season 4 End Date, Rewards Announced

In a recent post on the official forums, Blizzard have announced the end date of the fourth season of competitive Overwatch. It was a good couple of months, but now it’s time to put them behind us and go onto new victories. The fifth season will be starting shortly after the current one ends. They’ve […]
destiny 2 dawnblade abilities

Destiny 2 Dawnblade Abilities & Talents Revealed

Dawnblade is one of the new Destiny 2 subclasses. It’s a specialization of the Warlock, and some of the recent videos have revealed the entire talent tree for it. Read on to see which Destiny 2 Dawnblade abilities you’ll get to use once the game is out. Destiny 2 Dawnblade abilities Dawnblade abilities The list […]