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dark souls 3 ringed knight armor weapons

Ringed Knight Armor Set & Weapons

Ringed Knight armor set is one of the new outfits in Dark Souls 3: Ringed City DLC. It was made in the Abyss, and has a cool-looking glowing seal on the chest. It’s fairly easy to get, and has three weapons that go along with it. In this guide, we’re going to show you Dark […]
dark souls 3 how to access ringed city dlc

How to Access Ringed City DLC

The Ringed City is the second DLC for Dark Souls 3. It takes place in an entirely new area, and the game doesn’t make it obvious how to enter it. You might roam the map for long before you run into the entrance, so we’ve decided to help. In this guide, we’re going to show […]
mass effect andromeda forgotten history side quest

Forgotten History Side Mission

Forgotten History is one of the side missions in Mass Effect Andromeda. It involves finding some angaran relics for Avela Kjar, across three different plantes. It may sound simple, but the artifacts aren’t marked on the map, and one of them is protected by an energy shield. In this guide, we’re going to show you […]
mass effect andromeda contagion side mission

Contagion Side Quest

Contagion is a side mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. It revolves around finding a diseased Nexus resident who has disappeared. It’s a long quest, with a particularly hard choice at the end. There’s also a bug that can temporarily stop you from solving it, but it’s easy to work around. In this guide, we’re going […]
how to get pets in mass effect andromeda

How to Unlock Pets

There are two pets you can get in Mass Effect Andromeda. These space animals can live aboard the Tempest, making it a more colorful place. The Pyjak monkey is available as a paid add-on (part of a special edition of the game), while the space hamster is obtainable through a quest. In this guide, we’re […]
mass effect andromeda remnant tiller side quest

Remnant Tiller Side Quest

Remnant Tiller is one of the side quests in Mass Effect Andromeda. It takes place on H-047c, a destroyed planet in the Remav system. To finish it, you’ll have to find a Remnant conservatory, a special kind of vault, and clear it out. The whole vault is a big puzzle, and it can be very […]
how to apply weapon fusion mods me andromeda

How to Apply Weapon & Fusion Mods

Weapon and fusion mods are gear enhancements in Mass Effect Andromeda. They’re used to beef up your armor and weapons by giving them better stats or additional properties. Enemies sometimes drop them, but you can also buy them from vendors. While getting them might be easy, it isn’t obvious how to equip them. In this […]
me andromeda stage a rescue side quest

Stage a Rescue Side Quest

Stage a Rescue is a side quest in Mass Effect Andromeda. It takes place on the frozen planet of Voeld, and requires you to rescue a bunch of angara prisoners from a kett encampment. There’s a nasty bug that can prevent you from talking to Niilj, which stops you from finishing the mission. In this […]
mass effect andromeda fusion mod locations

Fusion Mod Locations

Fusion mods are special augmentations in Mass Effect Andromeda. They’re applied to Ryder’s chest piece, and have both positive and negative effects. Most of them are found by clearing out Remnant vaults and defeating Remnant bosses. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Mass Effect Andromeda fusion mod locations, their effects, how to […]
how to earn apex rating points me andromeda

How to earn Apex Rating Points

Apex rating is a number you can see in the multiplayer menu in Mass Effect Andromeda. It acts as a leaderboard, allowing you to compare yourself to other players. Some people are confused by the way it works. Namely, they don’t know whether they’re aiming for a low or high number, and how to earn […]
me andromeda tempest trophies

Tempest Trophies – Where to find decorations

Tempest trophies are collectibles in Mass Effect Andromeda. They’re figurines and replicas you can use to decorate your personal quarters aboard the Tempest. They’ll let you customize your bedroom and make it more pleasant. Some can be purchased from vendors, while others have to be discovered in the wild. In this guide, we’re going to […]
mass effect romance guide who to seduce

Romance Guide – Who can you seduce?

Romance is a big part of Mass Effect Andromeda. There are around a dozen characters you can have a romantic relationship with. Not everyone will go for any of the siblings, though. Getting into a romance usually boils down to choosing the correct dialogue options. This time around, they’re even clearly marked in conversations. In […]
mass effect andromeda trial update

Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Update Released

As you may have noticed, the Mass Effect Andromeda trial is having its fair share of technical issues. The developers are working on making it better, however. Bioware has released a new ME: Andromeda trial update today. The hefty patch fixes things like the black screen issue, the audio problems and more. Mass Effect Andromeda […]
how to increase item limit get more weapon slots me andromeda

How to Increase Item Limit

Item limit determines your inventory size in Mass Effect Andromeda. It dictates how many items you can carry in your backpack. Increasing it will allow you to put more stuff in your pockets. Your weapon slots determine how many weapons you can equip. Both can be increased, thankfully. In this guide, we’re going to show […]