Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition 2017 Re-Release

Bloodborne The Old Hunters Edition 2017 Re-Release

Released back in March 2015, the PS 4 exclusive Bloodborne received wide critical acclaim. One of its most popular features are the PvP and co-op elements, which are still available to play. However, the player numbers have dwindled quite a bit (unsurprisingly, given the game’s age). However, it seems that the game will be getting […]
eileen the crow guide

Eileen the Crow Location Guide

There is a very strange NPC, you can come across very early on in Bloodborne, called Eileen the Crow. She is a friendly hunter of hunters hidden in a passageway close to the entrance into the sewers in Central Yharnam. We’ll explain how to find Eileen the Crow in Central Yharnam and activate her for […]
executioner armor set

Executioner Armor Set Location

Executioner Armor Set is a set of clothes in Bloodborne. It offers great protection against blunt attacks, and can be found in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Executioner Armor Set and what kind of protection and resistance it offers. Where To Find Executioner Armor Set Climb the […]
reiterpallasch look and stats

Reiterpallasch Sword Location Guide

Reiterpallasch is a trick weapon in Bloodborne. It can be found in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. It is a one-handed sword that transforms into a gun-saber. Unlike the Rifle Spear (which can also shoot), it allows for simultaneous use of two firearms. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Reiterpallasch, as well as […]
evelyn look and stats

Evelyn Pistol Location Guide

Evelyn is a firearm in Bloodborne. You can find it in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. It scales amazingly with Bloodtinge, so every hunter that relies on guns should definitely get it. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find Evelyn and what you’ll need to wield it. Where To Find Evelyn This pistol is located […]
knight's armor set

Knight’s Armor Set Location

Knight’s Armor Set is a collection of clothes in Bloodborne. It offers great Blood protection and can be found in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Knight’s Armor Set, as well as the stats for each piece. Where To Find Knight’s Armor Set Climb to the second floor […]
forsaken cainhurst castle location 4

Cainhurst Castle Guide

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle is an optional area in Bloodborne. You don’t have to visit it in order to finish the game, but you should. There are a lot of interesting items you can get there, like the Reiterpallasch sword, the Evelyn Pistol, the Knight’s Armor Set and the Executioner Armor Set. When you enter it […]
a call beyond look and stats

Special Hunter Tools Locations Guide

Special Hunter Tools are rare items you can get in Bloodborne. They require a lot of Arcane to wield and spend Quicksilver Bullets when used. They provide great assistance – one lets you speed up your dodges, another heals your allies in battle, etc. When you collect all nine of them, you’ll unlock the golden […]
bloodborne memory altar

Caryll Runes locations and how to use runes guide

Bloodborne Caryll Runes are items which players can use to add different bonuses to their characters. These items can boost your character stats, enhance weapons, or even help you acquire more Blood Echoes. You can memorize up to 4 runes from your inventory at a time, but don’t worry, you can easily switch the runes […]
one third of umbilical cord location

Iosefka’s Clinic Guide

Iosefka’s Clinic is an important area in Bloodborne. It is located right next to the place where you start the game, although you need to get all the way to the Forbidden Woods in order to access it. It is very important you get here only after killing Rom, The Vacuous Spider. That way, you’ll […]
Shadows of Yharnam

Shadows of Yharnam boss kill guide

Shadows of Yharnam are a boss fight in Bloodborn. They can be found in the Forbidden Woods zone. This is a very tough fight and you have to have your hunter fully prepared. Have a full stock of Blood vials and Quicksilver bullets and have your weapon fully fortified and upgraded with gems (it should […]
one third of umbilical cord

One Third Of Umbilical Cord Locations

One Third Of Umbilical Cord is a special item in Bloodborne. If you collect three of them and use them before you talk to Gehrman outside the burning house, you’ll get the true ending, and a golden trophy called Childhood’s Beginning. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of the four One Third Of […]
gehrman the first hunter

All Endings Guide

There are three different endings you can get in Bloodborne. One of them is bad, the other is good, and the third one is being referred to as the true ending by some people. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all three endings, which items you need and what trophies they unlock. […]
Bloodborne Rom the Vacuous Spider

Rom, the Vacuous Spider Guide

Rom, the Vacuous Spider was the eight boss for us in Bloodborne. Rom, unlike many other bosses, is not optional and you have to kill it in order to progress with the story. Rom is found in Byrgenwerth. This area is accessible once you kill another boss – Shadows of Yharnam in Forbidden Woods. As […]
bloodborne trophy list

Bloodborne Trophies / Achievements List

While wandering throughout the ruined city of Yharnam, players can complete 34 Trophies / Achievements in all: 1 Platinum, 6 Gold, 7 Silver, and 20 Bronze. The platinum trophy “Bloodborne” unlocks upon obtaining all trophies in the game. Most achievements can be completed by finishing the main storyline, defeating certain enemies or acquiring special weapons […]