F2P Gwent Tips and Strategies

Strategies for playing as F2P player in Gwent are getting more important as the closed beta continues. Since a limited number of invites is sent each day, new players often have to face much stronger decks. Players who got in earlier have a significant head start, even if they decided to go the free-to-play route […]

Which Cards Affect Gold Units in Gwent

Which cards affect Gwent gold cards is a question many have been asking. They are the strongest and most resilient cards you can have in your deck. Buffs and debuffs do nothing to them. Needless to say, many players have been looking for ways to affect Gold cards (mostly to somehow get rid of opposing […]

Gwent Level Rewards & Progression

Leveling up in Gwent works a little differently than you’d expect. The level progression has clear rules, but they can be hard to grasp early on in your career. The leveling rewards you’ll get are mainly ore, scraps and sometimes single cards. In this guide, we’re going to show you how Gwent level rewards & […]

Gwent Tips for Hearthstone Players

Gwent is a card battling game set in the The Witcher universe. It pits two players against each other in a battle of wits, numbers and bluffing. In some ways, it is similar to Hearthstone. In others, it’s vastly different. Getting into the former while having a background in the latter can be difficult. We’ve […]

Currency Guide for Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent closed Beta uses in-game currency for crafting cards and buying card kegs. This means you can earn Gwent cards by winning matches and leveling your account. Of course, you can expand your card collection quicker by spending real money on card kegs. In this guide, we’ll give you a breakdown of how the currencies […]

Gwent Tips and Tricks

Gwent is the Witcher card game that is currently live in the beta phase. It is interesting because of the number of combinations and possibilities in duels and the variations on how you can beat your opponent. With that said, you have to have a strong knowledge of your deck, and the opponents deck, and […]

Errors & Bugs in Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent closed Beta has its share of glitches and errors, like any Beta. We’ve compiled a list of known bugs and problems, as well as any known fixes and work-arounds. The bugs vary from slightly annoying hiccups to game-breaking issues. Keep in mind that, since this is a Beta, problems are to be expected. Torrential […]

Friend Match in Gwent Closed Beta

Friend Match is the option that allows you to play Gwent with your friends and acquaintances. It lets you connect to people you know and play a friendly round or two, instead of facing off against strangers all the time. The closed beta client shows the option, but most people can’t get it to work. […]

How to download Gwent Closed Beta

Gwent is a card game set in the Witcher universe. It’s currently in closed beta, so only certain people were fortunate enough to be invited. If you’re one of them, you’ve received a Gwent closed beta code in your inbox. If so, you might be wondering what you should do next, where to redeem the […]

Deck Building – Basic Guide

Gwent deck building was first talked about during the Beta pre-launch live stream. Gwent developers showcased some pre-made decks for all four available factions. Now that the game is available worldwide, we can delve deeper into the system. This guide will show you how to use the deck building section in Gwent: The Witcher Card […]

In-Game Currency – How to Get It?

Gwent in-game currency information was first revealed during the official pre-closed Beta live stream. Team GWENT officials introduced us to this mechanic which is vital to player progress in the game. If you look at the top right corner of the game’s screen (while in menus), you will see three icons. These represent different currencies […]