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nioh mimic chest tanuki

Mimic Chest Locations

Mimic chests are special yokai in Nioh. They appear to be regular chests, but they’re actually tanuki demons in disguise. When you open one, the…

nioh hino-enma boss fight

Hino-enma Boss Fight

Hino-enma is a boss in Nioh. She’s a cave-dwelling succubus you’ll encounter in Deep in the Shadows, the second proper mission. She’s really fast and…

nioh amrita farming

Amrita Farming

Amrita is a currency in Nioh. It is gained mainly by killing enemies, and it’s used to level up and upgrade your stats. You’ll need…

Kodama Spirit Nioh

Kodama Locations

Kodama are collectibles in Nioh. In the main missions, you’ll have to find and return them to the nearest shrine, all 150 of them. In…