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unlock karve in valheim

Unlock Karve in Valheim

Valheim Karve is a ship that you can unlock and craft, and it is a step above having a raft. It offers more room for…

unlock wooden spikes valheim

Unlock Wooden Spikes in Valheim

Valheim wooden spikes are a defensive item you can build to protect your base. These sharp stakes will do 20 damage to anything that walks…

valheim core wood

Valheim Core Wood

Core wood in Valheim is a valuable crafting material in the game that you can get relatively early in the game. It’s necessary for making…

barley flour valheim

Barley Flour Valheim

Valheim barley flour is a cooking ingredient that you can get in the game, and it’s a required ingredient for some of the best foods…

lox meat pie valheim best food

Lox Meat Pie – Valheim Best Food

Valheim lox meat pie is one of the best foods you can make in the game, so the ingredients are relatively difficult to come by….

valheim wolf cape

Valheim Wolf Cape

Wolf cape is a piece of armor in Valheim. It provides a bit of protection from damage, but more importantly, it’s a good defense afainst…

blood pudding valheim best food

Blood Pudding Valheim – Best Food

Valheim Blood Pudding is one of the best foods you can make in the game, and figuring out how to get it is very much…

valheim adze upgrade

Valheim Adze Upgrade

The Adze upgrade in Valheim is a necessary component to upgrading your workbench, after you unlock the recipe. Upgrading the workbench allows you to craft…

valheim best food combo

Valheim Best Food Combo

Food play a big role in Valheim. You need to eat in order to improve your stamina, your health and the rate at which your…

chitin valheim where to find chitin

Chitin Valheim – Where to Find Chitin

Chitin in Valheim is a special crafting material that you can use to make fairly powerful weapons, once you figure out where to find it….