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The Division Medical Tech Security Wings

Perks List

Perks in The Division upgrade the player’s inventory, increase the effects of consumables, provide various additional slots, etc. Like it is with skills and talents,…

clutch elite enemy division dark zone

Named Boss Locations

Named mobs are a type of enemies you’ll encounter in The Division. They’re tougher than the normal thugs you’ll fight most of the time. These…

best starting weapons in the division

Best Starting Weapons

There are six classes of weapons in The Division. Each of them has unique qualities that make it more or less useful in certain situations….

The Division Cover Combat Talents

Talents Guide

Talents are abilities in The Division that give the player a passive bonus during play. They are divided into three main types: medical, tech and…

skills in the division

Skills in The Division

Skills are active abilities in The Division. They are divided into three trees – Medical, Tech and Security. Each tree consists of four skills –…

division weapon mods

Weapon Mods

Weapon mods are improvements that can be attached to weapons in The Division. Each item in the game has a certain number of mod slots,…