battlefield 1 in the name of the tsar dlc

Battlefield 1 Expansion Packs Revealed

EA and DICE have revealed that Battlefield 1 is going to get three more DLC packs. They haven’t talked about release dates yet, but they’ve given short descriptions for each one, accompanied by several pieces of concept art. Seeing how the French expansion is coming in March, don’t expect any of the others soon. Battlefield […]
Battlefield 1 Winter Update

Battlefield 1 Winter Update

Dice announced a new winter update for Battlefield 1. The list of changes is very big, and it consists of both minor and major fixes and improvements. Ribbons will be implemented, as well as elite codices and changes to the maximum rank. You can check the full list of changes below: Battlefield 1 winter update […]
Anti-cheat system banning legit players in Battlefield 1

Anti-Cheat System Banning Legit Players in Battlefield 1

There are several reports of Battlefield 1 players getting banned unfairly, without using any of the cheating software in the game. Anti-cheating in Battlefield 1 is regulated by FairFight, a Server Side Anti-Cheat. Using database structures to evaluate players’ gameplay actions, FairFight can identify cheating if it occurs. FairFight can send a warning, restriction or […]
Battlefield 1 Holiday Event

Battlefield 1 – Holiday Event

Battlefield 1 Holiday event is live. It features different stages, and we have a chance to try out the new game mode as well as to earn some free stuff. We are continuously getting different kinds of events and new game modes for Battlefield 1, which is definitely great news, keeping the game interesting and […]
They Shall Not Pass DLC News Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC News

Dice has released new concept art from the They shall not pass DLC for Battlefield 1. They’ve posted multiple concept pictures along with some details on where the new maps will take place. They mention the famous battle of Verdun, and the fact that around 1 million shells were fired in the opening barrage, which […]
Eye to Eye New game mode in Battlefield 1

Eye to Eye – New game mode in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has gotten a new game mode called Eye to Eye. It’s a fast-paced, close-quarters-oriented game mode set on the Amiens map. Using shotguns only devastates your enemies from short distances, while using the assault class only. This game mode plays out just like regular Domination, with 3 capture points to secure. Keep in […]
French Army DLC News Battlefield 1

French Army DLC News – Battlefield 1

The official Battlefield 1 Twitter page posted some interesting clues about the upcoming DLC. The message is in French, saying: “Soyez prêts,” which means “Be ready”. Below this text there is a picture featuring French and German soldiers fighting in some kind of fortress. We can also see a French flag hanging on some sort […]
Battlefest is live Battlefield 1

Battlefest is live – Battlefield 1

Battlefest has officially begun for all the fans of Battlefield 1. All the players can participate in different events and community missions. Rewards are different weapon skins, Experience boosts, dog tags and more. Battlefield 1 was patched recently providing us with a much better gaming experience in multiplayer. Also, make sure that you check out […]
battlefield 1 server rent problem

Battlefield 1 Rental Server Issues

DICE and EA are offering the possibility of Renting A Server in Battlefield 1. As the name says, it gives players the opportunity to play the multiplayer game of Battlefield on their own terms, creating the perfect playground for the player and his friends (or everyone who decides to join the server). However, there are […]
Hardcore Servers are Live Battlefield 1

Hardcore Servers are Live in Battlefield 1

Hardcore servers for Battlefield 1 are live. Visit your server browser and search for your preferred game mode and maps in hardcore mode. Hardcore servers went live on Wednesday, November 16th – 12:00 UTC / 04:00 AM PT for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 users. Hardcore servers are much different than the standard ones. […]
Battlefield 1 Fall Update Patch Notes

Battlefield 1 Fall Update Patch Notes

New Battlefield 1 Fall Update was released. It’s very big, with some significant changes. Frame rates are increased for PC, we got some mortar changes, the Suez map and many more. Servers can now be rented and we can finally play some Hardcore mode. Check out the changes below. Here are the Full Patch Notes: […]
Battlefield 1 Funny Records

Battlefield 1 Funny Records

Many funny records have been broken since the launch of Battlefield 1. It had some great records in sales, but also in some other, much funnier categories. Dice calculated different numbers of roadkills, pigeons released, average number of weather changes and many more. Let’s analyze them one by one. In the first week since the […]
Battlefield 1 4K PS4 Pro vs Standard PS4 1080p

Battlefield 1 4K PS4 Pro vs Standard PS4 1080p

Battlefield 1 supports the new Playstation 4 Pro Console. The Playstation 4 Pro supports 4K output, as opposed to the standard PS4’s Full HD 1080p resolution. Pro will run games faster, with fewer frame rate drops in more intensive games, providing a smoother gaming experience. The increased Graphics Processing Unit, which is more than double […]
Battlefield 1 Future Updates And Events

Battlefield 1 – Future Updates And Events

Many future changes and updates will be released in the near future for Battlefield 1. On the Battlefield 1 official website we can see the Battlefield 1 – The Road Ahead article, with some very interesting facts about the future of Battlefield 1. During this month we can expect the first update to roll out. […]