The Evil Within

The Assignment DLC Gameplay Trailer

Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks have released a trailer for The Assignment, the first piece of downloadable content for their survival horror game, The Evil Within. In it, you’ll get to play the part of Juli Kidman, Sebastian’s partner. The DLC is supposed to shed some light on her character, what happened to her, as […]
The Assignment DLC Teaser Trailer

The Assignment DLC Teaser Trailer

The Assignment, the first of three planned DLCs for The Evil Within, is set to release sometime in March, and publisher Bethesda Softworks has a teaser trailer to go along with the announcement. The story in this mini-expansion will focus on Detective Castellanos’ partner, Juli Kidman, and explore the plot of the game from her […]
The Evil Within Chapter 15 An Evil Within

Chapter 15 – An Evil Within

Chapter 15 – An Evil Within is the last chapter of the game and it will take you through some new and unique areas. You’ll find only a few lore collectibles in this chapter and I haven’t found any key stone statues here (yet). Be warned that, despite my best intentions, guide bellow contains story […]
The Evil Within Chapter 14 Ulterior Motives

Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives

Chapter 14 – Ulterior Motives – is slightly longer than the previous chapter. There is not a lot of background story being conveyed here. It feels like a chapter that had to be inserted to make the game a little longer. The whole point of the chapter is to reach the subway train. Subway Station […]
The Evil Within Chapter 13 Casualties

Chapter 13 – Casualties

Chapter 13 – Casualties – continues The Evil Within story and you can notice that we are getting closer to the end because of the intensity of the situations First part of the apartment building Next to Joseph, on a nightstand next to the bed, is the first collectible Personal Document: “Journal Entry – September […]
The Evil Within Chapter 12 The Ride Spider Monster Part 2

Chapter 12 – The Ride

Chapter 12 – The Ride – is one of the shortest chapters. This doesn’t affect the level of fun you’ll have while playing it thought. I’ve managed to find only one archive piece, Map Fragment 24. The whole chapter consists of four events which have a lot of combat. Fighting vs. the large spider monster […]
The Evil Within Chapter 11 Reunion

Chapter 11 – Reunion

Chapter 11, Reunion, takes place in the city. This creates a really nice change of pace from the previous chapters. There is also a feeling that there is much more shooting going on. Stone statues that give keys are positioned at the funniest locations. Don’t even get me started about the new type of weapon […]
The Evil Within Chapter 10 Parking Lot Big Monster

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools

Chapter 10 – The Craftsman’s Tools is one of the longer chapters. It provides us with more information about the new character that is inside a cell in hospital’s main hub. Be sure to check out his cell whenever you enter this part of the game. Later on, you come across the same 6 legged […]
The Evil Within Chapter 9 The Cruelest Intentions

Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions

Chapter 9 – The Cruelest Intentions is chapter full of lore. It has many short cutscenes that enrich the story of The Evil Within. Finally you can find out about some parts of the story hiding behind the main theme. It was really fun to play through. Note: Be sure to keep at least one […]
The Evil Within Chapter 7 The Keeper

Chapter 7 – The Keeper

Chapter 7 - The Keeper starts inside the Church and takes you through Church's catacombs. During this chapter you can expect to acquire a large number of crafting materials for Agony Crossbow Bolts. They are acquired through trap disarming, and there are a lot of traps to be disarmed in this chapter.
The Evil Within Complete the Chapter

Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses walkthrough

Chapter 5 – Inner Recesses takes place in the Hospital once again. This is a very long chapter and it is probably among the longest in the game. At this point the bloody atmosphere really starts to get under your skin. What makes this chapter long are small events, large number of small cutscenes and […]
Shinji Mikami and Adam Sessler

I fear my wife and death only

The creator of the newly released game The Evil Within, Shinji Mikami, had a short talk with Adam Sessler. Sessler seemed to be well prepared for this interview asking some interesting questions. His interviewee, Mikami, a video game designer, known mostly as a contributor to many popular games, including Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, […]
The Evil Within

Prepare to be horrified

Zombies with chainsaws? Disappearing and reappearing enemies? Traps that need to be avoided and can be utilized to help your survival? All this and a lot more is available today in the newly released game – The Evil Within. As you take on the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos, you try to find out what […]