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New World Server Name

New World Server Name

Knowing the server name you are playing on is one of the most important things about any MMO, and New World is no different. However,…

Where to Find Saltpeter - New World Gunpowder

New World Saltpeter locations – Gunpowder

Saltpeter is a very important resource in New World, as it is used for crafting gunpowder, among other things. However, finding saltpeter is another matter…

Where To Find Iron

New World Iron Locations Map

Iron locations in New World are easy tro find on the map if you know where to look for them. Iron ore is one of…

new world hemp & fiber locations map

New World Hemp & Fiber Locations Map

Hemp and Fiber locations in New World are pretty important for a number of reasons. For one, you need to harvest Hemp in order to…