destiny hotfix to fix crucible

Destiny Hotfix Will Aim to Rebalance Crucible

In this week’s update to their official blog, Bungie have discussed the upcoming Hotfix Their aim for this new patch wil be to rebalance Crucible, to make the PvP matches more even-keeled and enjoyable. It’s time for the meta to shift once more, as the designers pursue perfection. Destiny Hotfix to fix Crucible […]
destiny crimson days 2017

Destiny Crimson Days Event Not Happening This Year

If you were planning to spend Valentine’s Day playing Destiny with your partner, we’ve got some bad news. Crimson Days, the popular Valentine’s Day event, won’t be happening this year. In an update to the official blog, Bungie has stated that they’re focusing on other things, and won’t be bringing rose petals to the Tower […]
Destiny The Dawning Sparrow Racing Tips

Sparrow Racing Tips & Tricks – The Dawning

The Dawning is the new holiday event in Destiny. It went live parallel to the new update 2.5.0. One of the things that takes center stage in The Dawning is the Sparrow Racing League. In this guide, we’ll give you some Sparrow Racing Tips for Destiny The Dawning, to help you in your racing endeavors. […]
Destiny Update 2.5.0 The Dawning 12/13/2016

Destiny Update 2.5.0 The Dawning 12/13/2016

The developers of Destiny, Bungie, have released a new holiday-themed event for the game. The event’s name is The Dawning, and it coincides with the 2.5.0 update. Most notably, the Sparrow Racing League are front and center in this event, and has been expanded upon. Players will be able to compete in races all across […]
destiny t shirts offer

Destiny T-shirts

Destiny is a MMOFPS that is a Sony PlayStation exclusive only. It has a big fanbase, so it is no wonder that the merchandise with Destiny logos are something that every console player is proud to have in his or her collection. Bungie decided that they will offer a new set of merchandise to the […]
destiny festival of the lost

Destiny Festival of The Lost Guide

Festival of the Lost is a special Halloween event in Destiny. It causes social spaces to change, with new, thematic decorations all around. It adds new items into the game, at least temporarily, which are in the spirit of the popular holiday. This year is the second time it will be taking place, and it’s […]
siva offering farming location destiny rise of iron

SIVA Offering Farming Location

Siva Offerings are consumable items in Destiny: Rise of Iron. They can be used to start an arena match in Archon’s Forge, but they’re also a requirement for some of the quests later on in the game. You can only hold one at a time, so you can’t hoard them for when you need them. […]
outbreak prime exotic pulse rifle destiny rise of iron

Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle

Outbreak Prime is an exotic pusle rifle you can get in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It has 390 Light Level and does increased damage to Fallen. Every time you perform a precision kill, it will spawn a swarm of nanites to attack other enemies. It’s extremely hard to get – you’ll have to finish Wrath […]
isenfyre token destiny wrath of the machine

Isenfyre Token – How to use it

Isenfyre Token is a mysterious item in Destiny: Rise of Iron. You’ll get it once you finish the Wrath of The Machine raid, but it’s not really clear what you’re supposed to do with it. The description says you can use it to pay your respects in the Iron Temple. This guide will show you […]
destiny rise of iron wrath of the machine raid loot

Wrath of The Machine Raid Loot

Wrath of The Machine is the new raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It takes place in the Plaguelands, the new zone on Earth. There are a lot of raid rewards you can get after finishing it, including legendary weapons and armor pieces. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Wrath of The […]
destiny wrath of the machine monitor locations

Wrath of The Machine Monitor Locations

Wrath of The Machine monitor puzzle is part of the new raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron. If you activate all 5 special SIVA monitors during the raid, you’ll unlock a secret room at the end, with another loot chest. They are very well hidden, and you’ll miss them if you don’t go searching specifically […]
wrath of the machine raid destiny rise of iron

Wrath of the Machine Raid – Rise of Iron

Destiny’s next big expansion Rise of Iron is scheduled to launch on September 20th, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This long awaited update introduces new solo, multiplayer and endgame content, and Destiny’s new raid called Wrath of the Machine. LATEST GUIDE: Check out our detailed guide Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle. How to […]
wrath of the machine secret chest locations

Wrath of The Machine Secret Chest Locations

Wrath of the Machine is the new raid in Destiny, introduced in the Rise of Iron expansion. During the raid, there will be several hidden chests to find, which drop various rewards – from glimmer and Siva key fragments to legendary and exotic weapons. The loot inside is randomized, so you might get a duplicate, […]
destiny rise of iron high level artifacts

How to get high level artifacts

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion has increased Light Level cap to 385, and all Guardians who want to jump into Wrath of the Machine Raid are trying to raise their Light Level as high as possible. The latest expansion brought eight new artifacts and each of them can give you specific ability. There are several […]