Destiny New Update is Now Live, Full Patch Notes

Destiny New Update is Now Live, Full Patch Notes

A new Destiny update is now live. Update went up recently, and it’s solely focused on fixing various issues. This includes problems with raids, the Crucible & Eververse, quests, vendors etc. The bugs fixed include crashes, issues with loot drops and some progression glitches. Destiny New Patch is Now Live, Fixes a Lot of […]
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Destiny 2 confirmed for PC as well

After a couple billion gameplay hours it was about time to hear the news of Destiny 2. Yesterday we talked about the game being officialy confirmed, while today we know a bit more – and the big news is it is coming to PC! The new reveal trailer once again stars Nathan Fillion as Cayde-6, […]
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Destiny Age of Triumph changes + Destiny 2 rumors

With Destiny 2 announced just a day ago, people are heavily invested in analyzing the teaser image and trailer and coming up with all sorts of wild theories. Destiny is going out with a bang with the roll-out of update 1.32 for Age of Triumph, which includes updates to the following: Raids, Patrols, Grimoire, Crucible, […]
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Destiny 2 teaser image on official Destiny Twitter

It has all been leading up to this. Just a day before the official launch of the final Destiny update, Age of Triumph, Destiny 2 has been confirmed. An image on Destiny’s Twitter, nothing more, nothing less. A silent post, a watchful Twitter crowd, perhaps not the sequel we deserve, but probably the one fans […]
Destiny Sequel Announced on Track for Fall 2017 Release

Destiny 2 poster leaked in Italy

Destiny 2 posters have surfaced depicting Destiny 2 and hinting at a potential launch on September 8. The Italian in the picture not only states the date but also claims that beta will be available in advance. This is nothing new, as the original Destiny was available both in the Alpha and Beta before launch, […]
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Destiny’s Age of Triumph launch trailer

Bungie is ready to bring Destiny to a close. The Destiny 2 leak is all the rage at the moment, while the final update for the original Destiny is coming on March 28. The expectations from Bungie when Destiny was concerned were quite large. The company that practically brought FPS to consoles perfected their trade […]
Destiny Sequel Announced on Track for Fall 2017 Release

Age of Triumph is Destiny’s final update

Destiny has gone through many changes since its inception, as we have already talked about in the first Age of Triumph piece of news. Bungie has been constantly trickling new content in and much of the old content stayed just that – old. The new update promises to rectify this. Bungie has been working on […]
Destiny Sequel Announced on Track for Fall 2017 Release

Destiny’s final event, Age of Triumph, is out soon

It has been quite a trip for Destiny. Starting out as the highly anticipated and hyped new IP from the creators of Halo, this console exclusive started out with mixed reception. Addictive and smooth gameplay had players glued to the screen, but the initial lack of a real story was a constant bone of contention […]
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Destiny Hotfix Will Aim to Rebalance Crucible

In this week’s update to their official blog, Bungie have discussed the upcoming Hotfix Their aim for this new patch wil be to rebalance Crucible, to make the PvP matches more even-keeled and enjoyable. It’s time for the meta to shift once more, as the designers pursue perfection. Destiny Hotfix to fix Crucible […]
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Destiny Crimson Days Event Not Happening This Year

If you were planning to spend Valentine’s Day playing Destiny with your partner, we’ve got some bad news. Crimson Days, the popular Valentine’s Day event, won’t be happening this year. In an update to the official blog, Bungie has stated that they’re focusing on other things, and won’t be bringing rose petals to the Tower […]
Destiny The Dawning Sparrow Racing Tips

Sparrow Racing Tips & Tricks – The Dawning

The Dawning is the new holiday event in Destiny. It went live parallel to the new update 2.5.0. One of the things that takes center stage in The Dawning is the Sparrow Racing League. In this guide, we’ll give you some Sparrow Racing Tips for Destiny The Dawning, to help you in your racing endeavors. […]
Destiny Update 2.5.0 The Dawning 12/13/2016

Destiny Update 2.5.0 The Dawning 12/13/2016

The developers of Destiny, Bungie, have released a new holiday-themed event for the game. The event’s name is The Dawning, and it coincides with the 2.5.0 update. Most notably, the Sparrow Racing League are front and center in this event, and has been expanded upon. Players will be able to compete in races all across […]