ffxv episode prompto documents locations

Episode Prompto Documents Locations

Documents are collectibles in Final Fantasy XV. They were added in the Episode Prompto DLC. Collecting them will give you insight into the story, and help you understand it better. They’re scattered across the levels, and some are pretty easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Episode Prompto documents locations, […]
FFXV Episode Prompto Trophy Achievement List

FFXV Episode Prompto Trophies Achievements List

The Final Fantasy Episode Prompto achievement and trophy list has seven new ones. Almost half of them revolve around the combat scores, and there’s even one that is hidden. The reason behind it is probably due to it containing spoilers. Some of the major characters from the main game show up in this episode, and […]
ffxv episode prompto how to access

How to Start Episode Prompto DLC

Episode Prompto is the newest DLC for Final Fantasy XV. Like the one before it, it’s a self-contained story about one of Noctis’ companions and his adventures. You can get it by itself, or as part of the season pass. Like with the one before it, players are having trouble accessing the DLC content. In […]
ffxv regalia type-d jumping car

How to Get Regalia Type-D Off-road Car

Regalia Type-D is a new car added to Final Fantasy XV in update 1.11. It’s the first time the game will let you go off-road, in a monster truck convertible that can jump. It’s actually making the Regalia usefull, nine months after the game’s release. It’s easy to get, but there are a couple of […]