final fantasy 15 moogle chocobo carnival trailer

FFXV Moogle Chocobo Carnival Trailer

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is coming to Final Fantasy XV near the end of the month. It’s supposed to be a lot of fun, a shared celebration of the two cutest creatures in all the universe. There’s finally a trailer for the event. Short as it is, it’s still better than knowing nothing about it. […]
final fantasy xv ships six million units

FFXV Has Shipped More Than 6 Million Copies

Square Enix has sent word that Final Fantasy XV has shipped more than 6 million copies. That’s quite a number, and it includes digital sales, as well as copies sent to stores around the globe. Keep in mind, though, that this doesn’t mean they’ve sold six million copies. They chose not to reveal actual sales […]
ffxv ma-x angelus-0 boss

FFXV MA-X Angelus-0 Boss

MA-X Angelus-0 is a boss in Final Fantasy XV. It’s a giant, bipedal robot you can find wandering the desert. The mech is level 99 and pretty tough. When you kill it, there’s a chance it’ll drop the Magitek Suit V2, one of the best accessories in the game. Sadly, the drop chance is pretty […]
how to get holiday pack items in ffxv

How to get Holiday Pack items in FFXV

Final Fantasy XV just got its first piece of DLC. The Holiday Pack is a free add-on that gives everyone several interesting items. All you have to do is download it and start enjoying the goodies. There’s also a premium version, called Holiday Pack Plus, that’s only available to season pass owners. Although the DLC […]
final fantasy 15 holiday pack plus all items

FFXV Holiday Pack All Items

Holiday Pack Plus is a DLC for Final Fantasy XV. It consists of a bunch of cool new accessories, carnival tickets and some attires. It’s available for all Season Pass holders. There’s also a free version called Holiday Pack, which is just a smaller version of it. This guide is going to show you a […]
final fantasy xv soundtrack itunes google play

Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack Available

The original soundtrack for Final Fantasy XV has finally been made available for purchase. You can snag it from either iTunes or the Google Play store. If you’re not going to listen to it on your phone, it probably makes no difference, since both stores offer roughly the same quality. Final Fantasy 15 Soundtrack Getting […]
Rescue Quests Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Rescue Quest Locations

Final fantasy 15 Rescue Quest Locations Guide shows where you can find and save people in distress. These quests are not marked on the map. To start them, you’ll need to be within the quest’s objective area. The low experience and gil reward is not something that will draw you to complete them all. Nonetheless, […]