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Stamina Regen Suit Chipset Prey

Prey Suit Chipsets Locations – How to Upgrade Armor

Suit chipsets are armor modifications in Prey. They are extremely well hidden, hard to reach and very powerful upgrades for your suit. Once installed, they can help you regenerate stamina more quickly, return received damage and more. At the start, you can install only two chipsets, but with the suit modification skill from the Engineer […]
Prey Weapon Upgrade Kits Location

Prey Weapon Kit Locations – Where to find upgrade parts

Weapon kits allow you to upgrade your weapons in Prey. To use a kit, you’ll need to select the weapon you wish to upgrade in your inventory and press the specific upgrade button. The first upgrade for every weapon is available at the start, but for the advanced ones, you’ll need to invest neuromods into […]
Prey Fabricator Crafting Station

Prey Fabrication Plan Locations – Where to find Blueprints

Fabrication plans are blueprints in Prey. They’re used as crafting schematics, and allow you to create ammo, medkits, neuromods and more. On higher difficulties, they become really important. Most of them are easy to miss, so we’re going to help you find them. In this guide, we’re going to show you Prey fabrication plan locations, […]
Spirit Orb Mezza Lo Zelda BotW

Mezza Lo Shrine – Ancient Trifecta Challenge

Mezza Lo shrine is an interesting two-part adventure in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It will require you to finish the Ancient Trifecta challenge. To collect the shrine’s Spirit Orb and the treasure, you’ll need to find and complete one specific quest, to reveal the entrance. The journey that you’ll make, it truly feels unique […]
Zelda BotW Mogg Latan Shrine Bridge

Mogg Latan Shrine Guide

Mogg Latan shrine is one of the many puzzle dungeons in Zelda Breath of the Wild. It might be considered one of the easier shrines, but it punishes mistakes harshly. While inside, you can hope for loot from three treasure chests. The loot isn’t the best, but the 300 rupees are not something you’ll want […]
Zelda BotW Dako Tah Shrine Hidden Chest

Dako Tah Shrine Puzzle Solutions

Dako Tah shrine is one of the many shrines in Zelda Breath of the Wild. The goal here is to overcome obstacles by using the electric charges. You’ll need to carry and use a source of electricity in order to reach the Spirit Orb and the four hidden treasure chests. In this Zelda BoTW Dako […]