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Sniper Elite 4 Review Roundup List

Sniper Elite 4 Review Roundup

Choosing the perfect gift for Valentine’s day is not an easy thing. It might be a bit simpler now, with all the newest games coming out on the same date. One of them is Sniper Elite 4. If the game’s reviews play some role in making a decision whether to buy the game or not, […]
Genius Strategist Armor Set Nioh

Genius Strategist Armor Set

Genius Strategist armor set is mainly obtained through the training missions called The Way of the Warrior. You can acquire the weaker version of this set fairly early. The set is best suited for the Sword users. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Nioh Genius Strategist armor set. Where to […]
Head of the Iga Ninja Armor Set Nioh

Best Ninja Outfit – Iga Jonin Set

The best Ninja armor set can be obtained through the tutorial and training missions called The Way of the Ninja. You can obtain five pieces of the set fairly early on in the game. The set pieces offer additional close combat damage, Ninjutsu power, dash endurance and more. Hattori Hanzo will be proud if you […]
Snapmaw Thunderjaw Horizon Zero Dawn Overview

Thunderjaw & Snapmaw Machine Overview Trailers

The first two of four machine overview trailers for Horizon Zero Dawn are up for the taking. You can find out about their levels, weaponry, moves, vulnerabilities and more. Take a look at the crocodile-looking machine Snapmaw and the T-Rex/hunchback Thunderjaw. Expect to see a Stormbird flying machine and Behemoth, as well. Thunderjaw Overview Thunderjaw […]
Kodama Locations Tokai Region Nioh

Kodama Locations Tokai Region

Tokai Region is the fourth region in Nioh. 25 Kodama tree spirits is something that, at this point, has become a standard for each map. We’ve had 25 Kodama on every map so far. This time, you can grab them from three main and one sub-mission. This guide will show you all Kodama locations in […]
Kinki Region Nioh Kodama Spirits Location

Kinki Region Kodama Locations

Kinki region is the third region you get to in Nioh. It comes after the Chugoku region. Just like on the previous maps, this one also has 25 Kodama in total. You’ll find them throughout the three main missions. Once you collect all Kodama spirits in one mission, you’ll get a notification. After this point, […]
How to Reset Skills Nioh

How to Reset Skills in Nioh

Resetting skill points in Nioh gives back all earned Amrita and invested attribute points. It lowers your character to level one, after which you can invest skill points into new attributes. Resetting skills is rather simple. All you need to do is to buy and use the Book of Reincarnation. In this guide, we’re going […]
Kodama Spirit Nioh

Kodama Locations

Kodama are collectibles in Nioh. In the main missions, you’ll have to find and return them to the nearest shrine, all 150 of them. In return, they will offer some significant boosts. They are well hidden around the maps, so spotting them can be tricky. This guide will show you all Nioh Kodama locations, how […]
Nioh Gesture Master 40 Gestures

Gesture Locations

Nioh’s gestures have greater value than simple emotes. You can use gestures to discover shortcuts, avoid fights and more. The depth of the gesture system in Nioh is similar to the depth of all the other systems. Some of them can be bought, while others are found in various places. When you’ve found them all, […]
Nioh Trophy List All Trophies

Nioh Trophy List

Nioh trophy list counts to forty-seven (47) trophies in total. To acquire all the achievements, you’ll need to complete all the quests, defeat all types of monsters, reach level 100, master your weapons, collect all Kodama, bathe in all hot springs, change your appearance and a lot, lot more. The game should take around fifty […]
Prompto Episode Final Fantasy XV

FFXV Regalia Off-Road Driving, 60 FPS PS4 Pro

Final Fantasy XV has some neat updates in store for us in the upcoming months. Square Enix detailed their plans during an Active Time Report that was live streamed today. One of the unexpected features they’ve announced is driving the Regalia off-road, through the wild, with no limits. Episode Prompto expected sometime in June The […]
PlayStation Plus Free Games for February 2017

PlayStation Plus Free Games: February 2017 List

With the start of the month, the lineup of February free games for PS Plus users is up. As usual, there are six games; five for PS4, two for PS3 and PS Vita. Whether the February lineup meets expectations is up to you to decide. PS Plus February 2017 Free Games List You can always […]
Gladiolus Episode DLC Final Fantasy XV

Gladiolus Episode DLC Release Date Revealed

The DLC episode where you can play as Gladiolus is set to go live on March 28, 2017. The date was revealed during Final Fantasy’s 30th anniversary. Players will also get Booster Pack and Episode: Prompto shortly after. You’ll find this episode and all others in the $24.99 Season Pass. Gladiolus Episode Final Fantasy XV […]