Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC Out Now, Launch Trailer Revealed

Mafia 3 Stones Unturned DLC Out Now, Launch Trailer Revealed

The new Mafia 3 DLC, called Stones Unturned, is now available. The downloadable content brings a whole new side story, revolving around Donovan and his history with our protagonist Lincoln. You’ll be hunting Connor Aldrige and his militia, trying to stop them from reaching a downed military plane carrying some dangerous cargo. Mafia 3 Stones […]
Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid DLC Details

Mafia 3 new DLC and free demo

New Bordeaux was one of the best looking (when it didn’t glitch) and best sounding cities in gaming last year. It was quite a shame that Mafia 3’s interesting narrative failed short when it came to repetitive sidemissions – even for open-world games standards! The developers Hangar 13 are finally putting out the first story-driven […]
Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid DLC Details

Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid DLC Details

Mafia 3 DLC so far hasn’t been much to write home about. They contained mostly free cosmetic items and races. However, it seems developers at Hangar 13 are finally bringing out the big guns. They’ve announced three paid story DLCs for Mafia 3, slated for spring and summer of 2017. Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid […]
mafia 3 car customization street races

Mafia 3 Update Brings Races, Car Customization

The latest content update for Mafia 3 brings the long awaited car customization to the game. It also adds street races, a sweet new ride and some outfits for Lincoln. Best of all, it’s completely free. Just make sure you’re connected to the internet, so the game can download the update, and you’re golden. Mafia […]
Mafia 3 Shipped 4.5 Million Copies in first week

Mafia 3 Shipped 4.5 Million Copies in first week

Mafia 3 Shipped 4.5 Million Copies in the first week on the market. That puts it above Bioshock, Borderlands and NBA 2k Franchises. Those are all great titles and hopefully we will see that record broken again with some new release in the future. Keep in mind that 4,5 million copies were sold to retailers, […]
mafia 3 all endings

All Endings in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 has several endings. Which one you’ll get depends on a choice you make in one of the final missions. Most of them are pretty dark, with tales of betrayal and redemption. Luckily, you can get them all in one playthrough, so you won’t have to start the game over to see the ones […]
mafia 3 i need a favor side mission

I Need A Favor Side Mission

I Need A Favor is one of the side missions in Mafia 3. It is given out by Vito Scaletta – your underboss and the protagonist of the previous game. It involves killing off several people from his past, all tied to an incident that cause him much grief. It’s pretty straightforward, but you can […]
mafia 3 secrets easter eggs

Secrets & Easter Eggs

While playing Mafia 3, you’ll come across a bunch of secrets. The town of New Bordeaux is fairly large, and it’s peppered with easter eggs, hidden locations and other kinds of secret stuff. You’ll happen upon some of them naturally, while playing through the missions. Other are more hidden, and you’ll have to look for […]
mafia 3 underboss loyalty

Underboss Loyalty in Mafia 3 – How to get it

Underboss Loyalty status is the final stage of a relationship with a lieutenant in Mafia 3. It can be achieved later on in the game, and it will reveal personal details from the life of said underboss. If you do it with one of them, you’ll unlock the Trust achievement. Once you’ve done it with […]
mafia 3 best weapon loadouts

Best Weapon Loadouts

Weapon loadouts are combinations of two guns in Mafia 3. The best weapon combos are made up of guns that complement each other. For example, one that is accurate and weak, and another that’s strong and inaccurate. Getting a good combination is vital to your survival, because no single gun can be used in every […]
mafia 3 45 in my hand side mission

.45 In My Hand Side Mission

.45 In My Hand is a side mission in Mafia 3. It’s the one given out by Cassandra, in Delray Hollow. It involves doing tasks for her in order to increase her loyalty and learn more about her. It cannot be started right away, and there are a couple of tricky points during the quest. […]
mafia 3 silenced weapons

Silenced Pistol / Gun in Mafia 3 – How to get

Mafia 3 Silenced Pistol is any gun with a silencer you find in the game. Their main advantage is that they let you shoot people without making noise, which makes them perfect for stealth runs. On the other hand, they’re weaker and less accurate than normal guns. If you’re patient and know where to look, […]
mafia 3 are we cool side mission

Are We Cool Side Mission

Are We Cool is a side mission in Mafia 3. You can start it by talking to Emmanuel Lazare, Cassandra’s associate. He’s going to ask you to deliver some weed to a location, in order to help the cause. The mission can get bugged, not show a map marker, or act like you still have […]
how to get car back mafia 3

How to Get Car Back

Getting a car back in Mafia 3 can be tricky. Not all cars can be retrieved, and those that can require you to make use of your associates. The system is quite different from what we’re used to seeing in other games of this kind. This guide will show you how to get a car […]
how to assign districts mafia 3

How to Assign Districts

Assigning districts in Mafia 3 will let them start generating revenue. It will also push the story forward, getting you closer to taking down the Marcano family. You can assign each district to one of your three underbosses – Vito, Burke or Cassandra. This will increase your standing with one, but may decrease it with […]
how to collect racket kick-back mafia 3

How to collect money from rackets

Mafia 3 rackets are places that constantly generate revenue while you play. All you need to do is pick it up from time to time – it’s basically free money. However, you might be confused about where to find it. The game will warn you that you have outstanding kick-back you have to collect every […]
how to unlock mafia 3 preorder bonus

How to unlock preorder bonus in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 preorder bonus includes the Family Kick-Back pack. It’s a modest offering – three exclusive weapons and three cars. Everyone who bought the game before release got them, but some players are having trouble accessing the pack and getting their goodies. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Mafia 3 […]
ira don't ask burke side mission mafia 3

IRA Don’t Ask – Burke Side Mission

IRA Don’t Ask is a side mission in Mafia 3. It is given out by Burke, the Irish underboss. It involves finding and stealing vehicles for him, so he could hand them over to the Irish Republican Army. The mission won’t start right away – it’s only after a certain point that it becomes available. […]
testing the shocks achievement mafia 3

Testing the Shocks Achievement / Trophy

Testing the Shocks is an achievement in Mafia 3. You can unlock it by doing a 50 meter jump with your car, and landing on the wheels. It can be tough to get, since you need to find a suitable spot, and a car that’s fast enough. If you wreck the car while landing, or […]
mafia 3 how to unlock side mission

How to unlock side missions

Mafia 3 side missions are optional tasks you can do in order to help your underbosses. Each one of your lieutenants will have their own chain of side missions, which can help you develop your relationship, improve your mobs standing and get cool new items. They aren’t available from the start, though, so you don’t […]