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The quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are more than just tasks to perform. They will advance the plot, allow you to get to know the various characters, lead you on towards terrible secrets and spearhead your journey across the Northern Realms. In the previous games, the decisions you made affected the course of the story, and this is true in the Witcher 3 as well. You’ll be able to finish some of the quests in more ways than one, and the approach you take may put certain things in motion, beyond what you expect.

Bellow is our Witcher 3 Quests Database that lists all the Main Quests, Side Quests, Witcher Contracts and Treasure Hunt Quests that we were able to find in the game. Each entry takes you to a special quest walkthrough page that contains image walkthroughs for quests and all the choices and rewards you can get.
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Quest Name ▼Level ▼Zone ▼Type ▼
Where the Cat and Wolf Play25Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Open Sesame!34OxenfurtMain Quest
The Beast of White Orchard3White OrchardMain Quest
Evil's Soft First Touches32Main Quest
The Nilfgaardian Connection5Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves5Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Bloody Baron6Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Ladies of the Wood6Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Wandering in the Dark6Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Blood on the Battlefield0Kaer MorhenMain Quest
A favor for a Friend6Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Envoys, Wineboys0VelenMain Quest
The Beast of Toussaint0ToussaintMain Quest
Collect 'Em All0Main Quest
In Ciri's Footsteps0Main Quest
Family Matters6Velen (No Man's Land)Main Quest
Hunting a Witch5Main Quest
Pyres of Novigrad10Main Quest
Destination: Skellige16Main Quest
Blood Run0ToussaintMain Quest
A Hallowed Horn 12SkelligeSide Quest
Magic Lamp6Velen (No Man's Land)Side Quest
Hard Times 0NovigradSide Quest
Never Trust Children II - Skellige0SkelligeSide Quest
The Fall of the House of Reardon6Velen (No Man's Land)Side Quest
Fencing Lessons 0NovigradSide Quest
In the Heart of the Woods 22SkelligeSide Quest
The Nithing 0SkelligeSide Quest
Shock Therapy 24SkelligeSide Quest
The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers 0SkelligeSide Quest
Peace Disturbed 0SkelligeSide Quest
Practicum in Advanced Alchemy 24SkelligeSide Quest
From a Land Far, Far Away 13SkelligeSide Quest
Novigrad Hospitality8Velen (No Man's Land)Side Quest
The Most Truest of Basilisks0NovigradSide Quest
Spooked Mare12NovigradSide Quest
Strangers in the Night0NovigradSide Quest
A Warm Welcome0NovigradSide Quest
The Price Of Passage0NovigradSide Quest
Abandoned Sawmill 0 SkelligeSide Quest
A Bard's Beloved 0SkelligeSide Quest
Brave Fools Die Young 0Side Quest
Rough Neighborhood 0NovigradSide Quest
Crime and Punishment 0SkelligeSide Quest
Finders Keepers 24SkelligeSide Quest
The Family Blade 0SkelligeSide Quest
Little Red 15NovigradSide Quest
An Invitation from Keria Metz6Velen (No Man's Land)Side Quest
The Price of Honor 0SkelligeSide Quest
Bastion 0Kaer MorhenSide Quest

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  1. The quest level finding feature does not apply to NG+ levels. Are the any adjustments you can make to acquire those numbers, IE- a separate level range counter specifically for NG+? One of the biggest problems I had with my 1st playthrough was not discovering all the secondary quests while they were still within a useful range to my Geralt. Anything 5-6 levels below my current level were practically useless when I did find them, as they then fell into the “gray” category. IOW- the only awarded me 2-5 XP.

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