division update 1.6.1 patch notes

The Division update 1.7 details

The Division is a project that Ubisoft has really struggled with, both in a negative and a positive way. While selling exceptionally at first, it soon became clear that there is not enough in the game to keep the players interested for long. Ubisoft noticed the problems and started fixing them after seeing player numbers […]
division russian consulate challenge mode

Russian Consulate Challenge Mode

Russian Consulate is one of the story missions in The Division. When you’ve gone through the story and reached rank 30, you’ll unlock the challenging difficulty for this quest. It will be available as a daily activity, letting you face much stronger enemies, but gaining Phoenix Credits and rare yellow equipment as rewards. This guide […]
division weapon skins

Weapon Skins

Weapon Skins are mods for guns in The Division. They’re used for customization and only affect the look of an item. You can get them as random drops, quest rewards, or buy them from the Appearance Vendor in the Base of Operations. This guide will show you a list of weapon skins in The Division […]
division dune jacket

Dune & Ranger Jacket

Dune & Ranger jackets are rare outfits in The Division. They can be bought from the Dark Zone vendor in DZ06, for copius amounts of Phoenix Credits. The main downside, apart from the price, is that you can’t get a preview of these clothing items before you buy them. This guide will show you how […]
dark zone 01 named mob

Dark Zone Named Enemy Locations

Dark Zone Named Enemies are elite mobs in The Division. After you hit level 30 in PvE, they’ll start dropping superior or high-end items and Phoenix Credits. Fighting them is a great way to get your hands on some end game equipment. Luckily, they spawn in the exact same locations every time. This guide will […]
secret chest madison field hospital

Secret Chest Locations in Missions

Secret Chests are hidden loot containers that can be found during missions in The Division. They contain uncommon items and can be looted only once. They’re either tough to find or tough to reach, even when you know their locations. This guide will show you all secret chest locations in missions in The Division and […]
what to do when you hit level 30 division

What To Do When You Hit Level 30

The Division End Game starts when you reach level 30. This is the final rank, the place where XP doesn’t matter anymore. When you get that far, you’ll need new things to do. You’ll have to start collecting Phoenix Credits, chase after high-end weapons and gear and engage in end game activities. This guide will […]
division challenge mode guide

Challenge Mode Guide

Challenge Mode is an end game activity in The Division. It unlocks after you hit level 30 and lets you play main missions on challenging difficulty. It’s extremely hard, but rewards you with high-end gear and Phoenix Credits. This guide will show you how to beat challenge mode in The Division and give you tips […]
best builds talents skills division

Best Builds, Talents & Skills

The best builds in The Division are the ones that suit your needs. Deciding which skills and talents are right for you depends on many factors – your play style, the composition of your squad, the weapons and gear you own. This guide will show you the best builds, talents & skills in The Division, […]